Global Petroleum Show 2018

I have just returned from Calgary and the 2018 Global Petroleum Show. We were very pleased to have our submission accepted for the Operational Excellence section of the technical conference, in which I presented some of Sabisu’s data analytics capabilities. I had some interesting discussions about the use of analytics not only to aid in the detection of asset faults, but to guide the whole maintenance strategy of a site, providing a holistic view of plant health to optimise repair schedules.

It was an extremely interesting conference, with a wide range of topics covered from fibre-optic pipeline sensors to hot switching a plant’s distributed control system. The technical sessions are just part of the event, with the indoor and outdoor trade shows drawing huge crowds. It’s always interesting to see industrial equipment close-up, especially of the scale used in oil & gas. Companies from all over the world had shipped compressors, pumps and drills to the show to demonstrate exactly what they can do.  I was a little surprised to see a private jet being showcased, but was far more interested in the pickup trucks, which come in all shapes and sizes for field work in the most remote locations.




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