Global reach, local performance – an example of Sabisu in the cloud

Here at Sabisu we’ve been using the cloud since the first design concept in 2010. We use our own private cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Excluding development and QA environments, we use the cloud for:

  • Hosting complete customer implementations of Sabisu for genuine Software-as-a-Service
  • Rolling out very fast proof of concept implementations
  • Transmission of data from within the enterprise to third parties
  • Acquisition of enterprise data
  • Centralised distribution of updates to Sabisu servers

An example of how we use the cloud might be a customer with a large operation or project who needs analytics and reporting capability quickly.

With Sabisu we’d provision an initial solution immediately using the existing Sabisu cloud servers and Sabisu Go to rapidly acquire data from MS Excel.


Sabisu has a number of pre-built solutions ready to go. We choose the appropriate solution for the customer and Sabisu configures the reporting structure, pages, users and administrators.

As end users start to get into the application, we need to think about scale; perhaps hundreds of users, terabytes of data or heavy processing demands. Or the customer may want to demarcate their data, or a portion of it.

This is relatively easy. We have 4 standard Sabisu cloud infrastructures to choose from; small, medium, large and extra large, each with normal or high availability versions.

Let’s say the customer is:

  • Based at an oil field in California
  • Ramping user numbers from 20 to 100
  • Staying with SaaS
  • Up to 30 users will upload project data every day
  • Requiring 99.9% availability

Ramping from 20 to 100 users would be covered nicely by a ‘medium’ Sabisu standard infrastructure, with key services are separated into dedicated server instances to ensure performance.

Uploading project data daily represents no challenge. Even if large Primavera XER files were to be uploaded frequently, the volumes and velocity of increase is relatively low – Sabisu is designed to deal with high volumes of real-time operational data.

One of the great things about the cloud is that we can spin up servers anywhere in the world – in this case a north California solution would be well positioned to minimise network latency. The Sabisu infrastructure in California would be seamlessly integrated into the Sabisu network and users would be largely unaware of its location.

Finally, with 99.9% availability required there’s no need for the high availability option, which would increase costs but give 99.99% guaranteed and 99.999% likely availability.

So the requirements above would map to:

  • North California servers & virtual network
  • Standard ‘medium’ Sabisu infrastructure
  • No special resilience requirements (i.e., load balancing, redundancy, failover)

With standardised infrastructure the Sabisu team can provision a new dedicated nfrastructure in a very short space of time – it’s sufficiently easy that we’ll soon be automating it entirely as part of solution configuration.

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