Help us beta advanced mathematical techniques for industrial data

As you might be aware, we have some very interesting R&D to share. We’d like to show you how we’re progressing, see if you think we’re on the right track and whether the work we’re doing might be useful.

We’ve approached our foundation customers and partners; now we’re looking a little further afield. We’d like you to help.

Our R&D is concerned with applying advanced mathematical techniques to process data (e.g., IP21). We have a bunch of PhDs applying techniques used by Google, Facebook and so on to to improve the decision support capability of the Sabisu platform.

Alarm Management - Cluster FDG (1) Alarm Management - Matrix

At a high level, we’re trying to:

  • elucidate hidden statistical and physical links in the data
  • provide intelligent analysis of process data
  • develop predictive analytics to allow pro-active decisions

The following are either in beta test with customers or development:

  • Alarm analysis, where statistical techniques elucidate clusters of alarms and demonstrate redundancy in the system
  • Predictive analytics for alarm management, where historical data is used to model future behaviour
  • Reduction of large matrices provide a single view of asset health, so that outliers can be automatically detected.

Then there’s a shortlist of techniques in R&D related to machine learning, asset deterioration and asset risk, which we’d be happy to share.

The commitment from your side would simply be to an initial web conference; say, 30 minutes.

If you’re interested in hearing more drop us a line at

Of course, if that’s not convenient feel free to check out our revised website at

Much appreciated,
The Sabisu Team

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