How Sabisu Communities drive engagement

There are many ways to build a social network but our research suggests that only one counts: communities.

Sabisu is built on and around communities; groups of like-minded individuals. It’s how your enterprise works already – it’s just no one else designs software to take advantage of it.

Communities exist throughout your organization already; they are formed in response to business initiatives, around projects or around operational processes. They are loose social groupings that do not necessarily reflect the published organization structure. They expand and contract; are created and deprecated without fanfare.

However they are social groupings and they drive social engagement, curation and collaboration.

Communities are vital to curators of data as they describe a constituency; by opting into, say, an Energy Reduction community, users are indicating that this is an initiative or subject about which they care and they wish to be kept informed.

They also describe the parameters of social engagement. For example, a community chat room about Energy Reduction will be focused in a way that a public forum will not. Users within the Energy Reduction forum will most likely disclose opinions and disseminate information more readily in a trusted environment.

Communities also drive collaboration, as the disclosure of opinions and dissemination of information leads to teams working jointly to resolve issues and problems, which itself involves further social interaction.

Even small communities have value because users aligned around business initiatives or shared interests. Metcalfe’s Law – which describes the exponentially increasing value of a network with each added node – still carries relevance to Sabisu, as it’s often used to integrate third parties for exponential benefit.

Communities also mitigate social overload. Dunbar’s Number, which describes the theoretical cognitive limit to the number of relationships a person can usefully maintain, is effectively extended with a relationship to the community. The risk of social overload is reduced.

Communities are incredibly valuable to organisations of all kinds. However, manufacturing, oil & gas and petrochemicals companies have health and safety, project and operational situations where the sharing of relevant data is vital.

Sabisu has been designed around and for communities. We’ll be extending Sabisu’s community capabilities very soon.

We hope that’s useful. As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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