How to easily report on your Flow application

Sabisu Flow allows you to create your own workflow application in a few minutes. As you’d expect from a platform with reporting at it’s core, you can now build reports from your Flow applications using Sabisu Pipelines. It’s 100% self-service; anyone can build out a workflow, invite users and implement analytics, r.

Whenever you seen a spreadsheet acting as a register, Flow is a better solution. Examples are endless and obvious; perhaps Flow would be a better way to manage risks, with reports to track risk trends and types.

In the demonstration below we built a report for our Fire Audit Tracker to show how many audits each person is responsible for and which areas have carried out the most audits.

Further Useful Flow Updates

As well as enabling reporting we’ve also added in some extra functionality to the Flow Application.

You can now move records between nodes on the tree view.

Any Actions in a Flow application can be viewed in line so you remain in the application rather than stepping out to the main Actions interface.

You can now delete a node in the tree view, moving any records to another node of your choosing.



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