[With apologies to Geoffrey Moore; Crossing the Chasm remains a valuable companion.]

Building something no one uses is painful because the effort expended cannot be recovered. Costs must be managed, but it’s the lost time that hurts most.

It’s important we build the genuineĀ solutions to genuine problems for significant numbers of people.

To help us do this, all new feature suggestions need to answer the following questions:

  1. Who is this for? (Named user group/type.)
  2. What are they dissatisfied with?
  3. What is it we’re proposing?
  4. What problem are we solving?
  5. What are the current alternatives, in or outside the platform?
  6. What are the key components?

Important: All of these are one line, apart from items 1 & 3 which are ~3 words.

To be considered, the Product Steering Group also require:

  • Sketches of screens or flows
  • Support from a single person (‘seconder’)

This ensures that the idea has been thought through and bounced off at least one other person.

The Product Steering group’s job is to test every feature request to the highest standard before it comes off theĀ Backlog and is committed into the Product Plan.

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