How we’ve made finding and inviting users into Sabisu easier

We’ve streamlined the invitation and registration process to make rollouts of Sabisu much easier, even to hundreds of users. We understand that first impressions matter, so we’ve simplified the process to make the engagement and implementation process will run much more smoothly.

You can now invite multiple users quickly in one go by copying and pasting a comma-separated list of emails into the Community invitation. The users then get a much more efficient registration process which requires less information to be submitted.

We’ve optimised how you search for users using the auto-complete, implementing a ranking algorithm to return the most relevant results at the top of the suggestions list, e.g.,  searching for John Smith will return the John Smith with which you share many Communities rather than the many other John Smith’s that do not have the same connection.

You can also now search using an organisation, domain or job title, with the results now displaying not only the users name but also the organisation and job title providing this has been supplied by the user.

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