How will Sabisu fit my operational tools & processes?

At Sabisu we split the platform into two sections:

  • decision support, which select the useful, commitment-impacting signals from all the available data
  • execution  management, which ensures communication & execution of tasks so as to deliver the commitments

Combined, these ensure you deliver on your commitments.


Sometimes customers ask: How does Sabisu fit with my operational processes, e.g., SAP?

Where Sabisu fits

Sabisu is a tactical platform. It’s designed for short to medium term decisions and tasks.

It fits in between the strategic solutions at the top of the organisation and the SOPs which ensure operations stay functional.

Any extension tends to be upwards, with Sabisu being used increasingly as a strategic platform as organisations mature, e.g.,

  • aggregating data from multiple projects makes it a great fit for portfolio managers
  • aggregating data from multiple sites makes it useful to executive teams.

Sabisu & Operational Processes

It’s expected that customers will have specific operational tools and platforms which Sabisu would not be a good fit for. Examples might include:

  • Process control systems (DCS, APC, historian)
  • ERP (e.g., SAP)
  • HR
  • ProjectsPrimavera/MS Project
  • Specialist risk analysis
  • Cost estimation
  • Engineering design processes

These processes are the lowest level in the organisation, in the sense that they directly affect operational output. Sabisu would typically function a level above this, advising those users who will then affect operational output.


That human element is important to us; users bring knowledge, judgement and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

For simple processes, Sabisu can handle supervisory responsibilities where systems have no control requirements (DCS, APC).

This means Sabisu is a great fit for many things. Examples may include:

  • General action tracking, e.g., resulting from shift or project reviews
  • General unstructured workflows, e.g., resource allocation, assessments, investigations
  • Shift Logs
  • Risk Assessments
  • Defect Raising
  • Change Control & Impact Analysis

Sabisu is sometimes used for tactical applications where an existing solution is end-of-life but usually there is a layer of applications below Sabisu looking after what might be termed ‘standard operating procedures’, e.g., ERP.

We follow this ourselves, with the Sabisu team using Sabisu Actions for everything that doesn’t directly affect Sabisu operations, where a suite of specialist tools and applications control our development, QA and production environments.

Where customers have no existing operational systems it can fit; we have customers using Sabisu for permitting, change control and so on.

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