How your feedback helps everyone else

One of our customers is working on his workflow in Sabisu and he has a question:

“In the section 1 at point (A) I would like to put a box [Ref] with a number that is the id number of another Risk. Two more boxes [Field A] and [Field B] would contain data from the risk Referenced in [Ref]”

Sabisu’s self-service workflow designer has evolved to allow users to create almost any application – including complex risk management, compliance/quality tracking, Interface Management and so on. In this case, he’s created a Risk Management application.

Well, it’s questions like this that have helped guide the development of Sabisu. You’ve told us you need to link this workflows together…so it’s great to have a solution there, ready to go:

“What you’re looking for is the ‘Workflow Lookup’ field. Add this field to a form and you’ll get a dialog prompting you to select the workflow you wish to ‘refer’ to, and the fields you wish to show when a record is referenced. ”

No need for any more development, or changing the application; the functionality is already there for the customer to add in themselves, because we know our customers and their needs – hopefully before they do.

We work really closely with our customers to understand their challenges and get their feedback. If you’re a user out there, creating new applications, then we want to understand how things can be made better. We provide that personal touch, getting to know our users and how they use it, why they use, and even why they sometimes don’t.

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