Image Recognition: Just the tip of the iceberg

Image recognition is one of the most talked about recent technological advancements. The aim is to build systems that are better in perception than people using ‘Deep Learning’, a machine learning technique whereby computers can be taught to accurately identify what’s in pictures faster than ever.

It’s a great application of Machine Learning because users benefit with no configuration or knowledge being required; it’s something that just happens by default, every time, for free.

When you addd an image to an Action or Note it is now automatically tags using image recognition algorithms. This speeds up your workflow by helping others see what’s in an image without having to open it. It also allows images to be reported on, e.g., you could run a report to show all images relating to overhead cables.

With this first deployment of image recognition we are merely scratching the surface on the capabilities this functionality has to offer. The possibilities are endless.

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