Improvements to Actions and the new Vertical Progress Bar r7864


We’re continuing to make improvements to Actions and this week, we’ve added the ability to create a ‘follow on’ Action from an existing Action. You’ll see the ‘New Action’ button has been added when you’re viewing an Action.


When you create a new Action, you’ll notice the tags and category name are automatically copied from the previous Action to save you time.


Once you hit create, you’ll also see a simple message letting you know your Action has been successfully created.


Vertical Progress Bar

We’ve expanded the functionality of the new Progress Bar component to allow for vertical as well as horizontal orientation. You can also assign a thickness to the┬áprogress bar. In the example below, we’ve used the progress bar to represent the amount of polymer product in a storage silo.


This example shows how Sabisu brings together data from many different sources :

  • silo level, taken directly from a tank level gauge via a DCS
  • silo tonnage, calculated from the tank level, tank dimensions and product density, all of which are stored in a SQL tank management system
  • batch number, taken directly from an ERP system
  • product grade, taken from the DCS and validated by the ERP system
  • sales order number, taken directly from the ERP system
  • text entry field for comments, which are written back to SQL illustrating Sabisu’s bi-directional data handling capability


  • The Sabisu On-Premise server now caches some data that was previously retrieved on a frequent basis from Central so as to reduce bandwidth requirements.
  • Updated the ‘Actions due today’ email to exclude Actions which are scheduled but not yet created.
  • The Hub has been updated to display empty Streams in a more friendly manner.
  • Improved the message displayed to users there are no recent files available for a Community.
  • Fixed minor display and layout issues with the create Action dialog.
  • Fixed a layout issue on the comments section of an Action.

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