Improvements to charts & performance for external users r7990

After several sustained weeks of feature-rich releases, the focus has been on customer implementations this week.

However, the team has managed to resolve some issues and improve the performance of the platform in a couple of key areas; charting and external user access.

One of Sabisu’s key differentiators is that external users get the same seamless, fast, rich experience as internal users. A user can close their laptop at the office with complex applications or KPIs on screen and various discussions in progress with colleagues and drive home, knowing that when they flip open the laptop at home they’ll see precisely the same; no duplication, no replication, no VPN, no problem.

So we’re pleased to have upgraded a key component that makes that possible this week; Inter-Premise Connectivity Services. We’ve optimised the request/delivery mechanism for large amounts of data from a corporate premise server through the centrally hosted servers ( Users logging in from outside their corporate network should experience Widgets loading faster and will have to re-enter passwords less.

Charting  has also been improved with some better error handling behind the scenes. Users will notice a speed improvement and Widget Authors will appreciate that it’s easier to co-locate lots of Widgets on a Page without risk of conflicts.

If you have any comments, we’d be delighted to hear them on the Sabisu User Group on LinkedIn.

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