Improvements to Jidoka and the Calculation Engine r8186

Jidoka – Automation with a human touch

Sabisu is all about identifying opportunities and eliminating constraints and Jidoka is a subset of Sabisu functionality which highlights this.

Jidoka ties every excursion from an operational envelope back to profitability, allowing you to prioritise those things that are repeatedly impacting your margins.

We’re seeing great results with steam crackers in particular; each parameter takes minutes to build but typically on average is worth £500k pa in cost savings and increased throughput. Indeed, this release provides an aggregate per hour opportunity value; a single figure which summarises all the existing improvement opportunities for your plant.

So our focus at the moment is on:

  • making the Jidoka subset of components as robust and easy to use as possible.
  • building a unique capability for Jidoka to accurately predict costs.

Calculation Engine

Therefore this week we’ve delivered a step-change in calculation capability by implementing calls to external functions. No longer are you limited to linear calculations; physical properties, asset response curves and complex models can be accommodated.

These complex models are subject to all the usual benefits of Sabisu, with parameters calculated in near-real-time by a constantly cycling engine so you can rely on extensive historised data for trending on-demand.

We’ve improved error handling of the Calculation Engine when there is an issue connecting to a server. We’ve also updated the Calculation Engine to make it’s cycling frequency smarter. It now cycles in an optimum fashion for the resources it has available.


Calculation Editing 

Jidoka currently has a test area known as the ‘Sandbox’. This week we’ve fixed an operational issue with adding parameters to the Sandbox. Also all parameters created in Jidoka will now be added to the Sandbox first rather than into the production area.

This also applies to editing an existing live parameter.


We’ve added a new ‘System Calculations’ section to the Tree View in Jidoka, this new section will provide an area where useful data about Jidoka can be accessed.


In the past it was possible to lose parameters in the Sandbox, so we’ve aligned production and Sandbox areas; when you create a new parameter in Jidoka, a sandbox parameter is also created but they now have the same numerical code e.g. TDPM:23 and TDSB:23.


We’ve improved the legend on trend graphs by adding the units for each parameter making it easier to see this information at a glance.



  • Fixed a small bug with Calculation Engine where a double would be represented as an integer value which caused inaccurate results to be calculated.
  • Fixed a bug which meant when a calculation was modified, the Calculation Engine would not process the new calculation.
  • Fixed an issue with the Calculation Engine not been notified of a change to a calculation when creating a new parameter.
  • Tags are now case insensitive.
  • Fixed an issue with calculations sometimes not being calculated when spaces existed in the calculation.

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