Improvements to trend graphs r8122

This week we’ve got some great enhancements to trends graphs including drag and drop for tags, a moveable legend and loader icons. You’ll also notice some significant speed improvements when searching for people and Communities in Sabisu.

Dragging and dropping tags

We’ve overhauled dragging and dropping of elements between tables and trend graphs making it much easier and faster. We’ve added an new drop zone which appears when an item is dragged to clearly show which where you need to drop it.


You now have control to enable/disable dragging and dropping on tables and graphs. Drag and drop areas can also be restricted to only allow certain items to be dropped onto drop areas.

Moving the legend

The chart legend can now be moved around inside the Widget enabling you to see all data on the trend. We’ve also added tooltips to the legend text for full visibility on longer names.


While you wait

When a trend chart is loading, you’ll now get feedback to let you know that something is happening while the data is being retrieved.


Searching for people and Communities

We’ve made a number of improvements that make searching for people and Communities even faster. You’ll notice the improvements in the following places:

  • Sharing Pages and Community Pages
  • Inviting people to Communities
  • Assigning people and Communities to Actions
  • Searching for Communities to join

Web services upgrade

And finally we’ve upgraded the web service feature to return HTML from queries. This will enable developers to bring back richer information such as a webpage, rather than just raw data.


  • We’ve fixed a bug which caused resizing Widgets to be difficult when a Widget contained an iframe.
  • An issue has been resolved IE9 which caused Thieved content to not be thieved correctly.
  • We’ve fixed an issue with the $ value helpers in the Builder for multiline text boxes.

If you have any comments, we’d be delighted to hear them on the Sabisu User Group on LinkedIn.

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