Industry 4.0 Summit

We were very happy to be invited to participate in the Industry 4.0 Academia Summit in Manchester and sit on the conference’s scientific committee. As the Head of R&D it was exciting to see what was being presented, sit on the panel for the discussion section, and lead a session on Big Data and Business Models in Industry 4.0.

As would be expected the key note speakers delivered some excellent talks covering a wide range of topics including additive manufacturing (3D printing of parts) and digitising industry. One of the highlights for me was Dr Mostafa Nabawy’s talk “Spiders Attack: The rise of bioinspired microbots”. In presentation talk Dr Nabawy showed footage of their jumping spider and insect-inspired flying microbots.

Impression or flying robot bees

Insect-like microbots may be commonplace in the future, pollinating plants or controlling pests.

The Big Data and Business Models session was packed with interesting talks covering planning and control frameworks, discrete event modelling of value stream mapping, the need for IPv6 in Industry 4.0, and the adoption of digital manufacturing to name a few.

Throughout all of these varied presentations and from the questions put forward to the panel, one of the clear continuing threads was data. With aims to connect manufacturing equipment to the cloud, use additive manufacturing to embed sensors directly into parts, and utilise IoT technology to gain meaningful insight and optimise processes, Industry 4.0 looks to revolutionise manufacturing processes and value chains. Sabisu is in a great place to facilitate this – something we’ve been keenly exploring over the past year in collaboration with The University of Manchester. Part of this work was presented by Thomas Kendall, a postgraduate research student in the university’s Advanced Manufacturing Group, showing how they have used Sabisu to stream equipment data to the cloud using Sabisu Bridge.

There is certainly an exciting future ahead for Sabisu and Industry 4.0.


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