Introducing Notes in Sabisu

Sabisu has always been about full lifecycle decision support & management, not just reporting. A key part of that lifecycle is capturing metadata, or context around a decision.

Notes is one of a suite of context and enterprise knowledge persistence capabilities Sabisu offers.

As we’ve said a lot about data and decision making, “context is king“. So we’ve harmonised all the commentary and narrative features in the platform into Notes.

Adding a new Note

Adding a new Note is simple: open the Notes sidebar and hit ‘+’:


Perhaps the Note you’re writing relates to one or more Widgets. Here’s how you link them:


Users can add Notes to any Page or Widget and they are stored against the relevant Community. It doesn’t matter where the Note was left; it’ll show wherever you have relevant data in the platform.

Why use Notes?

Notes are there for everyone who wants to share commentary or narrative to emphasise, explain or assist another user.

For example, you may wish to annotate a project report showing a large change with an explanation as to a changed reporting process, baseline or cost estimate.

Technicians viewing process data may benefit from a Process Engineer’s thoughts on operating conditions, e.g., fouling of a heat exchanger may happen faster because of a certain feedstock.

Notifications about Notes

Users will receive a header bar Notification when a new Note is created by any other user on any relevant data. In practice, this means that both users have to be in the same Community.

Either way, Sabisu will take you where the Note is…If you’re on the same page:


…or a different page:


Notes is a standard implementation across Sabisu

Notes is standard and has been implemented into our APIs, so if you’re using Sabisu to hos an application (e.g., through an iFrame) you can take advantage of Notes, the notifications and the direct links around the platform.


Can I…

  • Annotate a data point within a Widget?
    That’s coming very soon.
  • Escalate items to a higher level within my organisation?
    That’s coming soon.
  • Stick or pin Notes to the top for everyone to read?
    That’s coming soon.
  • Export Notes?
    We can make a reporting widget available that would allow you export Notes.
  • Leave a Note on a personal page or widget?
    Not at the moment.

Contact us

Notes are very important to the platform going forwards. We welcome comments and suggestions.

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