Introducing Pipeline Data Flows

Pipelines is pivotal to the self service aspects of Aspen Enterprise Insights, allowing users to build their own reports, manipulate data and set automatic triggers. Pipelines have proven really popular and users are pushing the boundaries.

While the Pipeline Wizard walks users through every aspect of Pipeline creation it’s very linear and hard to visualise the precise flows of data with many sources and manipulations. These were effectively intentional UX design restrictions so that proper evaluation of usage could be carried out. It’s clear that users find the zero code, configuration only environment really useful so we’ve now enhanced it with Data Flows.

Data Flows make building Pipelines much more fluid allowing you to create data connections, add pivots and apply calculations at any point in your flow. This gives total control, allowing manipulation of the data so you can identify the high-value data needed to provide insights and take action.

Data Flows are in an extended beta mode available to any user – just opt in on the normal Pipeline screen.

Let us know your thoughts – our usual fast release cadence means that several enhancements will be delivered between now and the end of the year.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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