Introducing Sabisu Go: Build enterprise dashboards in under 3 minutes

We’re delighted to announce that Sabisu Go has today been made available to selected beta testers.

Go is a lightweight client SaaS install which allows you to quickly publish data to Sabisu.

With Go, we want to bring Sabisu analytics to everyone, everywhere, with any data. So we’re launching with MS Excel, OSISoft PI and AspenTech IP21 integration. There’s more to come.

Sabisu Go_beta_20160310

Using Go, you can build an enterprise dashboard in under 3 minutes. Here’s how:

  • Select the data you want to use.
  • Tell Sabisu where it should go.
  • Sabisu automatically…
    • Version controls your data
    • Processes your data, historising it for future trending
    • Creates all the KPIs you need
    • Builds your dashboard
  • Test & modify your dashboards as you like using our templates.
  • Share it with colleagues, JV partners & your whole value chain using the full range of Sabisu collaboration tools.

Key features:

  • Go will work anywhere, for anyone: it’s a pure SaaS install
  • Go integrates data from anywhere, starting with MES / historians and MS Excel
  • Automation & seamless workflow means it’s fast and easy to use
  • Go is bi-directional; it takes notifications and updates from Sabisu to your desktop, meaning you’re up to date
  • Go’s automated analytics generate all your KPIs and historise all your data without you lifting a finger – everything you need is ready and waiting
  • Go’s APIs can take input from any data source – watch this space

Sabisu Go_beta_20160310_2


Go will be released as a generally available beta soon.

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