Introducing the Creator Role

We’ve restructured the power user roles in Sabisu to make it easier to demarcate responsibilities.

There are now three roles;

  • Admin, for controlling user permissions
  • Creator, for sharing new/updated pages, reports, workflows
  • General user, for viewing, inviting, uploading & adding commentary

This new structure shifts configuration control to Creators, meaning that fewer Admins are required for a Community.

Here’s how the permissions look now:

  • Admin
    • Approve new users for the Community
    • Manage permissions for other users within the Community
    • Approve new Communities which sit within the Community
    • Eject users from a Community
    • Create, edit or archive Communities
    • Allow or prevent storage of files on Sabisu
  • Creator
    • Create, edit and publish Community Pages
    • Create, edit and publish Community Workplaces
    • Edit Workflows
    • Publish data to a Community
    • Publish data via Sabisu Go
    • Invite users to a Community (will need to be approved by an Admin)
  • General User
    • View data on Community Pages
    • View data in Workflows and create new records in a Workflow
    • Invite users to a Community (will need to be approved by an Admin)
    • Upload data for approval using Data Uploads
    • Create a Pipeline and share it with a Community (you will need the Creator to add this to a Community Page)

Where Admins were being created just to edit Workflows or Publish pages it’s now the case that Creator access is sufficient. It’s also more obvious what permissions each role gives.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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