Introducing the Sabisu Handover Log

We’ll shortly be making the Handover Log available to all users in Sabisu.

The Handover Log will provide you with a one stop for any and all handovers; shift handovers, project teams, or anywhere one user/group needs to pick up where another left off.

You can create a Handover Log to take notes in a meeting and assign actions to users. The log can then be used as a working document to monitor progress.

handover log

For example, a Shift Handover Log is common in the process industries to give updates to the next shift on duty and handover any outstanding actions or concerns. This is a great use-case.

Sometimes projects will work back-to-back, with two people working the same role. The Handover Log ensures that the handover is complete and high quality without the need for a face to face meeting, or where that might be difficult.

You can add in current Actions or create new ones and in the next few days we’ll add file attachments too.

handover log 2

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