Jidoka Audit Improvements & Navigation Upgrades r9711

Jidoka Navigation Improvements

We’ve improved the way enabling & disabling nodes in the navigation tree works this week. Disabling a node will now update the Parameters with the correct ‘Off‘ status in the page view. Turning on a node will also save the state of any Parameters previously switched off at an individual level.


The new status has also been incorporated into the Parameter filters at the top of the page.

Auditing the Changes Made in Jidoka

We understand the importance of having full visibility of your systems. To that end, we’ve updated our reporting functionality for Jidoka. The Jidoka reports widget has now been updated to include detailed information about any changes which have occurred in the system and who has made them.

These reports can also be exported to an MS Excel document.

Minor Updates

  • Shika was updated to improve the trending experience seen within Jidoka. Going forward, there should be no partial trend lines for the Parameter limits & PONC values.
  • Resolved an issue where some users would fail to load tags from AspenTech IP21 in the Calculation Editor.
  • Fixed a small error in the Edit / Create community settings in Sabisu where the correct access level was not being shown properly.
  • Fixed an issue with charts which caused performance issues with Internet Explorer under certain conditions.
  • The charts in our demonstration communities have been fixed and are now all working again across the various pages.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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