How is Sabisu licensed?

The answer is ‘as simply as possible’.

End-User Licenses are on an annual subscription basis. You choose either per user or volume licensing in blocks of users.

Use of the Sabisu Cloud is included in End-User Licensing.

Every Sabisu Unit is also licensed annually, whether an on-premise Unit, Appliance or dedicated Elastic Unit in the Sabisu Cloud.

Typically preferential terms are available for:

  • Customers in a formal evaluation period, or Proof of Concept.
  • Customers evaluating Sabisu using the demonstration data and environments in the cloud, where a discussion on how to move towards a formal evaluation is most appropriate.
  • Sabisu Development Partners, where terms will reflect commercial agreements made.

What’s included in the End-User License (EUL) ?

Sabisu Core is mandatory for all deployments of Sabisu. It’s required to build reports, build dashboards, parameters, host applications and upload/process files. Licenses users for SaaS or On-Premise access.

The EUL for Sabisu Core includes the following:

  • License to connect to a nominated On-Premise Server
  • License to use the Sabisu cloud solution
  • Use of the instant messaging, community instant messaging and video messaging features
  • Storage of files on the cloud up to a total usage of 1GB
  • Unlimited access to Workplaces, Builder, Pipelines, Actions, Notes, Communities and standard Analytics
  • Ongoing maintenance of Sabisu, including bug fixes and enhancements

The following specific capabilities are licensed separately on a per user annual subscription basis:

  • Sabisu Go
    Allows the publication of data from MS Excel as either static snapshots or dynamic, programmatically accessible tables.
  • Bridge
    Combines secure VPN and FTP into a single smart connectivity capability, ensuring data always streamed to Sabisu Cloud in its entirety.
  • Enterprise Mobile
    Enterprise mobile is designed for iPads & other mid-format tablets using HTML5 compatible front-end for wifi/3G connected use.
  • Plant Mobile
    Android front end for ATEX Zone 1/2 intrinsically safe mobile devices for use in operational environments.
  • Process Data Algorithms & Analytics
    Advanced statistical analytics and machine learning for asset behaviour prediction.
  • Project Data Algorithms & Analytics
    Advanced analytics for scenario planning, project recovery recommendations and project KPI management.
  • Workflow
    Proprietary workflow engine for modelling and executing operational processes, including links to enterprise and plant mobile devices.
  • Alarm Analytics
    Statistical analysis of existing alarm data to help eliminate bad actors and enforce good alarm practice.

What’s included in the Unit?

All Unit customers get the following:

  • Certificate to enable operation of the On-Premise
  • License to use the cloud solution
  • Administration and datasource connection software
  • An additional Unit license for staging or test purposes
  • Use of the Sabisu Development Framework On-Premise API
  • Use of the Sabisu Development Framework Cloud APIs

Customers can connect to any currently supported datasource at no extra licensing cost.

Customers can also rent a Sabisu Appliance; a deployment-ready server pre-loaded with the Sabisu Unit and licensed appropriately.

Sabisu Appliance customers also benefit from:

  • Remote monitoring and pro-active performance optimisation of On-Premise Servers.
  • Remote Desktop support for On-Premise Servers.

Who do I need a license for?

You’ll need a license for all users who are configured to use the system. EULs are very competitively priced and subject to volume discounting.

How long is a EUL valid for?

EULs are renewed annually.

How do we (or you) check who has a license?

Sabisu issues certificates for each Unit without which it will not function. Hence we confirm appropriate licensing before issuing the certificates.

End-user access data is logged and configuration data for end-users stored which can be used to determine who has system access.

Can I purchase part of a block, e.g., 209 End-User Licenses?

No. It makes it difficult to administer as you seek to grow or shrink your organisation. Also we don’t want you to have a cost penalty every time a new initiative or project brings additional people into the organisation.

Can I purchase EULs for a reduced time?

No. It makes it difficult to administer for both parties and as EULs aren’t that expensive in the first place usually the savings are outweighed by the additional administration costs.

Is a EUL limited to a particular device?

No. A EUL is attached to a user, so one user can use any number of devices to access Sabisu.

Is a EUL attached to a particular user name?

No. The EUL buys you the rights for a number of users to access the system. If users join, or leave then so long as you’re within your total number of EULs you’re fine. So if a user is replaced by another, then there’s no additional cost.

Can I give access to external users?

Yes. External users are no different from internal users in this respect. Unlike other solutions there is no additional cost – no new servers or licenses are required as long as you’re within your EULs purchased. Our licensing model positively encourages the integration of external users into your business processes.

Will it cost extra to share data outside the organisation?

No. This is all included in the Unit license. As the Unit serves data mainly inside the corporate network and when sent externally aggregates data before transmission, there is usually a very low load on the network in and out of the cloud so we’re able to provide this at no additional cost.

Is there a charge for usage of the Sabisu cloud solution?

No. This is included in the EUL and Unit licenses.

Is there a charge for storing documents or files on the Sabisu cloud solution?

There is a courtesy limit of 1GB/user under which users can store files on the cloud solution without charge. Most of our customers find this is perfectly adequate as Sabisu is used where data needs to be shared between parties rather than as an enterprise’s sole storage mechanism.

Where an organisation seeks to store more than 1GB/user in the Sabisu cloud this indicates a more advanced requirement than simply file-sharing and we’d work with such an organisation to develop an appropriate solution.

I’ve logged on over the web to try out Sabisu. Am I liable for any costs, or do I need to buy a EUL?

You can try out Sabisu for free – we encourage it!

After you’ve become familiar with it we’ll discuss whether you want to move the engagement to a commercial footing, for example a formal evaluation through an inexpensive or free Proof of Concept.

What support is provided? What are your SLAs?

All users get the following standard support:

  • Email support.
  • Live, in platform support.
  • Standard UK working days only, i.e., Mon-Fri excluding public holidays.
  • 4 hour response within those working days.
  • Regular Unit and end-user updates, automatically delivered.
  • Invitations to Sabisu User Group events.
  • Support for staging, test or development environments.
  • 99.9% platform availability.
  • Webex collaboration for resolving end-user issues.

We have always exceeded these targets.

Our average response time for support calls is currently under 1 minute.

Modified service level agreements and/or objectives can be implemented where customers have a specific need, e.g., we have customers with 24 hr coverage, or 99.999% availability guarantees.

Sabisu Appliance customers also benefit from the following, regardless of EUL type purchased:

  • Remote monitoring and pro-active performance optimisation of On-Premise Servers.
  • Remote Desktop support for On-Premise Servers.

How are Sabisu Development Partners licensed?

Sabisu Development Partners require EUL and Unit licenses but these are discounted to reflect any commercial agreements made. Sabisu Development Partners also accept the Sabisu Development Framework License Agreement which grants certain rights to build applications using the Sabisu platform.

Other questions

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