New configuration options in Pipelines

Following customer feedback we’ve added in 2 new options for Pipeline Configuration:

  • Table heading formatting
  • Displaying values on charts

Coloured Table Headings

You can now set formatting for both a column heading and a row in Sabisu Tables, both in Pipelines and Flow. This means you can really make your data stand out and draw the eye straight to the most important detail. To enable these features select the column you want to edit and then set the column and row colour.

These table formatting options are also mirrored in the standard Workflow tables so you can ensure consistency across your solution.

Displaying Values on Charts

You can now choose to display the series value on nearly all the charts in Sabisu, just as you have always been able to do with the Pie.

This allows you to see the exact value of a particular series. To enable this option toggle the Show values field in the chart settings screen.

The exceptions now are the Waffle and Bullet chart, where adding a value would make the chart less legible.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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