New features and updates to improve Jidoka r9076

With a continued focus on improving Jidoka, we’ve added multiple new features to Jidoka and the calculation engine this week.

Smarter Caching & Calculation Relationships

We’ve updated the calculation engine to capture and store the updated value of a parameter as it’s calculated for immediate use in any calculations that depend on them. This will eliminate the stepped calculation times some of our users were experiencing when, for example, five dependant variables would take five cycles to update the last variable in the chain.

If you trace back through the calculation dependencies in Jidoka, at some point most of the calculations rely on values from external servers or other parameters. These relationships are important to determine dependencies and often provide the basis for root-cause analysis. This week we’ve implemented tracking of these relationships into the Jidoka system. Currently these relationships can only be viewed through the database but we have plans for using this data; watch this space.

Parameter Notes and File Attachments

You can now access the Notes feature through the process variables widget on Jidoka. This allows you to attach comments and files to your parameters which is great for when specific details about a parameter need to be recorded for others to see.

Note menu

Each note can have multiple files added to it, enabling you to add greater detail and information for your historical records. File upload size is managed by the individual On-Premise settings for the Jidoka instance.

New Note

When you’ve added the note, they’ll be accessible through the in-line parameter view to users in the future.

Note Post

Advanced Filtering

The process variables list now has a new advanced features option available. This feature allows you to create custom and dynamic filters on the parameters list by providing your own operators and criteria.

Advanced Filters

The filters are easy to use and provide virtually unlimited customisation. They also remember what you have filtered when using the refresh button and the auto-refresh mode.

Speedo Accessibility

We’ve introduced a new mode for speedos which aims to improve the experience for colour blind users on the platform.


The speedo now also scales based on the size of the widget. This means that the units, major and minor markers and values will get bigger as the widget size increases. The current value is now also present on all speedos, making it easier to read.

The Accessibility Mode for Speedos is optional; you can opt to use the full colour speedos. These two have had a slight CSS reworking to be cleaner and more legible.

Sabisu speedo

Community Page Locking

All community pages now have a default lock attached to them for users. This stops users accidentally moving or resizing widgets a community admin has setup for them.

If you want to unlock your community page for personal editing of widgets to suit your requirements, there’s a new icon present on the tab icon bar which can be used to toggle the lock state.

Community unlock icon

Bug Fixes

  • The calculation engine has been modified to cater for numbers with large precision scales.
  • The calculation engine now handles server updates more efficiently. If a server is taken off-line or disabled, the calculation engine will remember the stage in the cycle it was up to.
  • Chart units now always correctly display on the axis of the Jidoka in-line chart.
  • Toggling the PONC trend on/off will now persist the time period which has been selected on the time scroller.
  • The primary Y-axis title will now always be displayed.
  • The italic styling on the axis titles has been removed.
  • Italic styling for the axis styling has been removed for all charts.
  • The secondary Y-axis can now be toggled for use on the Line and Combo Google charts.

This has been a significant couple of weeks for Sabisu; the above summarises 2 releases.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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