New in Sabisu – Drag & Drop for widget components. (v5547)

This week we’re introducing a collection of small improvements including Drag & Drop for widget components.

We’ve also released the all-new Sabisu Publisher. You can get started by downloading Publisher.

Drag & Drop

A new feature enables you to add drag/drop behaviour inside of a widget to certain components.

(Note for developers: this functionality is currently enabled on HyperLink Widget Components.)

Check out the project funnel in Poiltry for a great example. Want to move your HDPE project into the Procurement phase? Drag and drop it.

Sabisu - Drag & Drop for components in Widgets

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed an issue when selecting to open a Sub-Tab from a Widget sometimes opened a new Sub-Tab rather than selecting the existing Sub-Tab.
  • We fixed an issue with Chat were it was possible for people who had a left a Community to still be part of a Community Chat.
  • We’ve improved File Manager so it now displays the correct image for the file type when parentheses are included at the end of the filename.

You can get started on Sabisu right now by Signing Up. We’re excited to hear what you think!

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