New Jidoka features and improvements r9551

This week we’re happy to announce two major enhancements to Jidoka, Calculation Dependency Mapping & in-line creation of Actions for Parameters.

Calculation Dependency Mapping

One of the development team’s favourite features for this week is the new dependency map. Calculation Dependency Mapping is a new feature we’ve added which allows you to view an operational variable and any relationships it has with other variables and Tags in Jidoka. This is particularly useful when it comes to investigation as to why a Parameter has breached its limits as you can trace through the relationships to see if other items are having a negative impact on the Parameter value.

The feature is available from the main application parameter list menu.


A detailed network map is generated displaying the connections that this operational varaible has with other variables and Tags within the system.


Parameters are represented on the network map as blue labels, when you hover on the label you can see additional information about the variable such as the current value and description. External server tags are represented by the grey label and don’t provide any interactions.

The nodes on the network map also represent the state of that item in Jidoka e.g. a variable in conformance will appear in green, but out-of-conformance and is costing the business money will appear in red. Deleted items will appear in grey.

If you’re dealing with a large map, you can drag the map around and see nodes appearing off-page by click and dragging in any of the white-space in the map window.

We hope that this new feature will aid in finding the root-cause of problems to resolve non-conformances in the system.

Actions for Parameters

We’re very happy to bring Actions into Jidoka for use alongside individual Parameters.

Actions for an individual Parameter can be accessed from the table menu on the Parameters page. Here you can see any existing Actions which have been assigned, or create a new Action which is tied to the particular Parameter.


As with all Actions in Sabisu, you can assign people to complete them by a specific date or set scheduled Actions for work which needs to be repeated at a regular interval. All Actions created alongside a Parameter are available in the Hub area of Sabisu.

Jidoka & Shika

We’ve spent some time this week on aligning Jidoka with the Sabisu Shika data historian. The in-line trend charts now cater for customers who want to use Shika as their preferred data source for historical data storage. Using Shika gives the benefit of very fast trending of historical calculation data (> 1,000 times faster than Microsoft SQL Server). You don’t need to make any big changes to use Shika; just update the application to say you want to store history into Shika and the trend charts will update automatically.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • If you have advanced filter applied to a list of Parameters, navigating to a different area of the tree view will remove the filter properly and update the interface.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a tree node the Parameters would still be displayed. These are now removed from display and feedback is presented on screen.
  • Parameters with bad calculations now remove the calculated values on the Parameter table and display with “BAD CALC“.
  • The filters on the Parameter view are now fixed when scrolling, making it easier to navigate and refine the page.
  • Improved the helper information in the Calculation Editor for historising the Parameter data.
  • Updated the entry field for calculations in the Editor to be plain-text only.
  • Fixed an issue with the live calculation in the Editor where errors would appear off-screen if multiple had occurred.

As always if you have any questions or suggestions, head over to our LinkedIn group and share your thoughts.

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