New look for the Community Portal

This week we’ve given the Community Portal a brand new look which will make it easier for you to navigate and change. The new look should make it easier to invite users, see what Communities you’re in and administer your Communities.

What have we changed?

On the Community Portal

  • On the left hand side you’ll find a tree structure which shows all the Communities you’re in and what the hierarchical structure of those Communities is – very useful for the Admins of the parent Community.
  • Moving over a Community will bring up an Invite button so you can quickly add others to the Community and a Create button so you can create a new child Community.
  • On the right hand side you’ll see the number of members, Pages, Community Actions and an icon to show you have administration rights. If you have any administration tasks pending such as approving Community Invitations you’ll see a notification here.
  • At the top of the Community Portal is a check box so you can see Communities you’re not yet a part of but have access to join if desired.

In the Community Admin Centre

  • It now defaults you to the Members list as this is the main reason users come to this page.
  • If you’re clicking between Communities we’ll make sure you’re defaulted to the last section of the Admin Centre you were on in the previous Community

Making inviting users easier 

You suggested we switch around the Invite Users dialog box to put the users you want to invite first – it just makes the flow more logical. We’ve now done that so the next time you invite a user to a Community you should see a small difference.

If you have any suggestions like this whether they’re big or small, we’re always happy to take your feedback and make changes to the platform where necessary. Drop us an email at to share any suggestions you have.

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