New Sabisu Header Navigation & Menus

You will have noticed updates to the Sabisu Header and Menus to make navigation around the platform more efficient and user friendly. Here’s what we’ve done:

Introducing the Navigation Menu: Where you once accessed the different Workplaces you’ll find the Navigation Menu. Here you’ll still find your Workplaces but also all the key platform features & applications.

Here you’ll find Actions, Communities, Widget Store, Pipelines, Processes, Builder, Data Objects and Publication Approvals. Your Workplaces will appear to the right of the Navigation Menu.

Pages Menu: We’ve moved the Page Menu from the right hand side of the screen to a more prominent position on the left. Here you’ll be able to search for and see all the Pages for the current Workplace.

The Pages Menu is the fastest way to get around a Workplace with many pages.

Notifications Button: We’ve combined the Notifications for Actions, Notes and Communities into one centralised location with everything under the bell icon. You can filter on the different types of Notifications to make them easier to find but everything still works in the same way.

If you filter Notifications, you can access the relevant part of the platform at the bottom of the list, e.g., filter to Community Notifications and you’ll get the ‘Open Communities’ at the foot of the drop down.

Beta Tester Mode: If you’d like to get a first look at new platform features and updates like the ones above you can now join our Beta Tester Community. With the click of a button you’ll get access to any new updates we might have so you can assist us with testing and suggest improvements.

You’ll find the Beta Tester button under Profile Settings on the Platform Settings page. You can opt in or out at any time. We tell exactly what we’ve changed so you’ll know what to look out for.

As well as the changes noted above we’ve also changed the behaviour of the browser back button for use with Sabisu. Previously this would take you to the last web page you were on but it’s now anchored to take you back to where you were previously in Sabisu. This means you can go back through your browser’s history to find a recent page.

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