New Statistical Analysis Tools

As customers have started to use the Widget Working View introduced earlier this year, we’ve seen the need to grow the analytics library to help users quickly assess or identify interesting events/periods in their data.

We’ve added Flat-line Detection, Rate of Change and Breach Limit Forecasting. Here’s how they look in action:



These new analytics functions in Widget Working View are categorised under the ‘Signal Status’ heading:

Shows where data is remaining at a continuous low level. Users can adjust the tolerance to fine tune the charts where signals have slight but important variation.

Rate of Change:
Shows if the series on the shown chart are changing faster than the given hourly rate. This is great for separating out curves that may look similar but actually are varying at a very different rate. Also it allows a potentially catastrophic rate of change to be immediately identified.

Breach Limits:
Shows if any of the series will breach a given limit at their current rate by a point in the future assuming the series behaviour is similar to that on the chart. The future point is equal to an additional 30% of the chart x-axis; in the example below it’s 5:09 pm on the same day.
(If the x-axis was 10 hours, the forecast would be for the 13th hour.)

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