Next generation project intelligence: A tour through Sabisu’s demonstration

This week we’ve updated our project intelligence demo suite, so we thought we’d walk you through it.

If you’re not registered on the platform, head over to and fill in the form on the front page.

When you log in, join Poiltry Plc using this button:

Join Poiltry Plc - demo Sabisu project intelligence community

and you can click these buttons to join either or both of the communities.

Join Programme Performance - Sabisu project intelligence demo communityJoin Capital Projects - Sabisu project intelligence demo community

If you are already registered then great, log in and join the communities by heading over to the Hub (Sabisu Hub icon icon top right) and clicking ‘Find more communities’:

Sabisu Find more communities button

We have two new communities:

  • HDPE Project
    This is our totally fictional project to build a new 750 kta HDPE plant in San Serriffe, on the Thirty Point peninsula of Caisse Inferiore island, adjacent to the existing shale gas cracking ethylene production facility near Gill Sands.A project like this could easily cost around $400m and needs to bring together metrics from EPC contractors, vendors, sub-vendors and internal sources to build a real-time view of progress and mitigate risks to the total install cost. Our demonstration dashboards show just how Sabisu can do this.(Members of the old ‘Capital Projects’ community have been moved to ‘HDPE Project’ by our database magicians.)
  • Venture Programme Performance
    The parent project directorate for the HDPE project. Other projects in the directorate are Project B, C and D (our creativity ran out early).This directorate needs to bring together metrics from each of the four projects to control over $1bn of spend. It’s a significant undertaking and the risks are substantial – nearly all programmes of this size over-run, yet this demo shows how Sabisu eliminates the traditional significant lag between a situation developing and the directorate becoming aware of it.

HDPE Project

When you join the HDPE Project community you’ll get these community pages:

Sabisu project intelligence demo community default pages

Any time you see a number to the right of a tab’s title, you can click it to drill-down to other levels of information.

Any time you see the people icon on the left of a tab, you can hold your mouse over it to see which community the tab is associated with. Here’s an example with our Asset Management community:

Sabisu community hovercard

When you join the HDPE Project community, here’s what you’ll see:

HDPE Weekly KPIs:

Sabisu can show real-time data so weekly KPIs are no problem. Here we’ve gone for a simple series of tabular scorecards – but in reality you might want to mix and match different types of report.

Sabisu HDPE Project Weekly KPIs

When you mouse over one of the windows the title of the widget goes solid and you can drop a menu off the cog, where you can leave a message against the widget, leave feedback, share it and more.

HDPE Project:

As you move your mouse over the HDPE Project tab you’ll find a drop down appears below the tab. Check it out – you can share the tab or customise it to your needs.

This page summarises the project as it stands so it’s a mixture of metrics (SPI, progress), summary information (from a CapEx approval system for example), data tables and scorecards.

Sabisu project intelligence demo - Project summary

In the screenshot we’ve also clicked on the drill-down number on the tab so you can see other project information you can query from here. You can also drill-down by clicking wherever your cursor changes to a little hand, or by clicking this icon:

Sabisu icon for data drill-down

My cursor turns to a little hand over the Quantities table…so let’s take a look:

Sabisu project intelligence demo - drill down to show Quantities

HDPE Project Engineering:

Project engineering shows how you might construct a page to show key engineering data – in this case resources at two locations, production of key design documentation and components.

Sabisu project intelligence demo - project engineering

You could build your own page by clicking this

Sabisu dashboard add page

and then choosing items from ‘Poiltry Capital Projects’ from the side bar.


The final screen is some basic QA information, so there’s data on non-compliances and incentives for example.

Sabisu project intelligence demo - QA

Venture Programme Performance

When you join the Venture Programme Performance community you get a single page of the same name as the community with some drill-down pages.

Sabisu project intelligence demo - programme performance

Each project has the drill down icon Sabisu icon for data drill-downso you can get the next level of information for each project.

Drilling down on the HDPE Project will get you some detailed information about that project and it shows how Sabisu allows you to easily mix and  match different data types and sources in the same place.



And do drop us a line either on the platform, or in comments below.

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