No SQL required: Allowing end-users to use the data-lake

A feature always worth examining in more detail is the self-service querying of data objects in Sabisu Pipelines

It’s really easy for end-users to get value out of their data using Sabisu. Most users will never see the query they create as Sabisu hides the detail from all but the most technical.

When you select a Sabisu Data Object (SDO) it will show both pre-defined queries and all available tables, views and tags that a user may want to use in a specific, custom query.

Pre-defined queries are already parameterised so you need only to choose the key values you need, e.g., the tags and retrieval period. We estimate 90% of users will use pre-defined queries.

If you’re one of the 10% then custom queries will do what you need. Custom queries start by looking at the SDO to return the structure, allowing you to choose exactly which columns and data components you need in your Pipeline. You can also choose exactly how you want to filter your data.

Dynamic queries

You can check that the right data has been returned, adjust your filters and returned parameters to get precisely the data you need.

From that point you have your data and it’s just a case of building a Pipeline as  you would with any other data.

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