Notes Improvements

We’re already seeing a great uptake of the new Notes feature in Sabisu and getting some useful feedback from our customers.  This week we’re bringing a some more updates to Sabisu Notes.


Often, a Note might require some more discussion, so you can now add replies on anything which has been posted.



Hit the Reply button and you can get involved with the conversation. Once you’ve typed your reply, hit Enter to submit it to the page. Alternatively, pressing Esc will cancel the Reply.

D’oh! I shouldn’t have written that

Yes, we’ve all had that moment.

You can now delete any Note you’ve written on the page, so if you’ve made a mistake or something is no longer relevant you can now throw it in the bin. Some notes around it’s functionality:

  • Any replies you make to a note are instantly removed, and any Notifications which Sabisu has sent to other users will also be removed.
  • If you’re deleting a Note which has replies attached to it, the top level Note will be marked with [Deleted] and the replies will remain intact.


Minor Fixes & Changes

  • If any new Notes are posted to a Page where you currently have Notes open, a banner will prompt let you know new Notes have been added.
  • When you hit the new Note button, the textbox will be focused automatically.

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