Notification and Email Updates

We’ve implemented a new architecture for Sabisu Notifications which means the platform will group together similar requests and provide short cuts to taking action, e.g., approving a user request to join a Community.

We’ve created new notifications for when:

  • An Action is assigned to you
  • A KPI you’re responsible for is overdue by 24 hours.
  • You join a Community, which also now lists which Workplaces & Pages have been added with by joining this Community.

Here’s an example of joining a Community with several Workplaces and Pages:

Clicking the notification gets you the list of Pages and Workplaces

Here’s an example of grouping several invites together:

Grouping Community Invitation Requests for Admins

All notifications trigger an email, which are now also batched to reduce the number of emails we send you.

Even better, the emails now contain direct links to the notification in Sabisu, meaning you don’t have to navigate to a particular place to action the request.

Community invitations grouped together
4 invite requests in one email


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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