Notifications for new and updated publications in the V-Bar (r6111)

The Sabisu Publisher is one of our most popular features. This week we’re really excited to announce two great features that will make approving data from your spreadsheets even easier.

Building on the integration of Publication Approvals into the v-bar, we’ve added an indication to show you when new or updated content is present. Adding your Widget to any page acknowledges that you’ve seen it and it will no longer be shown as new for you – but it will be shown as new for other people who’ve not yet seen it.


You’ll also see a notification on the Widget itself. A blue bar appears on newly updated Widgets that are already on your pages. Clicking on the blue notification marks the update as acknowledged and it will no longer show until the widget is updated again.


Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed an styling issue with the Publication Approvals dialog that was affecting our On-Premise customers.

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