Null values & Y-axis controls in Pipelines

Convert Null Values

You can now convert Null values to zero values in the Pipeline Data selection screen; simply click the column you need to change and check the box “Convert non-numeric values to zero”

This is particularly useful where you wish to see a continuous trend for a series that includes Null values.

Y Axis Min and Max Scale

You can now set a minimum and maximum scale for the Y axis allowing you to fine tune the data displayed on your chart. You can still access data outside this range by zooming out if you need to.

This is particularly useful for defaulting the chart to a period when showing a value that accumulates over time because the accumulated value is shown properly even if only part of the period is displayed.

Decimal Places on a Flow Table

You can now specify the number of decimal places to display on the overview table of your Workflow for single line components configured as a number type.

Quick search removal

An ‘X’ now appears in the search box of your Workflow overview to allow you to quickly remove the text from the search box.


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