On a roll with project data

As much as the Sabisu analytics tools are useful sometimes you just want or need to see the raw data.

With project data in mind we’ve added a switch to show data in tabular view on all Sabisu charts. This is useful if you want to quickly look at the actual figures, or perhaps pull them out into another tool for analysis.

Project Data Comparison

This will work with process data but typically the high frequency of process data will result in a very large and unwieldy table of data.


Slated for release next week is the ability to roll back a single widget to a specified date so you can review data from previous months. This is ideal for project data.

Users can have two widgets side by side with each data from different points in time, e.g., cost forecasts made in two separate months, or current cost estimate at complete versus last month’s estimate at complete.

Cost data is a great use-case but project data in general lends itself well to this comparison method. If you’d like some more information on this then get in touch.

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