Open systems & Sabisu APIs

APIs are the method by which software platforms, tools or components interact. Web APIs allow applications to interact on the internet, or within a closed network but following internet protocols.

Without web APIs it’s hard to get systems to talk to each other, meaning data stays siloed and you can’t use it across your business. Bearing in mind this is your enterprise data, it seems only right that it’s available for you to use as you require.

As you’ll appreciate APIs are essential. At Sabisu we view them as a mandatory requirement for any enterprise system and would recommend customers replace any system that doesn’t offer and maintain open APIs.

Sabisu has always offered APIs and they’re used by customers to build some valuable solutions. Here we’re going to outline some of the key APIs.

Sabisu API


This is the main API in Sabisu, giving access to Sabisu Central Services. This gives access to:
–          Communities
–          Users
–          Notes (Commentary)
–          Workplaces
–          Pages
–          Widgets
–          Authentication

Actions API


The Actions API allows you to easily retrieve, create, edit or delete Actions. This is useful for exposing Sabisu Actions in a hybrid solution, or centralising Actions from lots of different systems in Sabisu. You can also associate Actions with specific data points/ranges.

Analytics API


Analytics is a broad application, covering everything from basic statistics to articificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics and so on.

This API allows third party applications to access Sabisu Analytics with a JSON data stream for processing, returning the analytics results for inclusion in the target application.

Sabisu can connect directly to 3rd party analytics using a RESTful interface provided the results are returned in an appropriate format. If this is not the case the connection would be made via Sabisu’s analytics service to allow the required data translation to be performed.

Sabisu Unit API


Where customers maintain an on-premise implementation of Sabisu, the on-premise ‘Unit’ communicates with Central and other applications via an API which includes:

–          Flow
–          Pipelines
–          KPIs
–          Widget Data retrieval
–          Sabisu Go integration

File API


Sabisu’s mass storage system can be accessed using the File API, allowing retrieval, creation, editing and deleting access.

This API would be used to expose Sabisu Files in a hybrid solution. Sabisu Files also allows you to associate Actions with your data.

Sabisu File Processor API


Where files are dropped into the Sabisu mass storage system, it’s usual that they are then processed. A typical application is decomposing a Guaranteed File Format for use in the platform, e.g., Primavera P6 .XER, MS Excel cost data, historian data.

(Sabisu will process any file but a ‘Guaranteed File Format’ is an upload which follows an approved Sabisu template because certain reports/processes depend on it, therefore it is guaranteed to be decomposed successfully and properly to drive those reports and for use throughout the platform.)

Wrap up

The above gives a good overview of the APIs currently in production. Sabisu remains committed to the open system ideal and more APIs are under development as we speak to further open Sabisu so you can build the solution you need.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.


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