Optimise your process workflows with ‘child’ Actions

Until this release, Sabisu Flow has helped you create processes by linking up Actions. They’re simple, easy to create and use.

Today’s release supports steps in the process which require a number of users to execute different tasks. For example, a Risk Mitigation process may require a number of alternatives to be evaluated.

Sabisu helps with this by allowing you to specify that a process Action can have ‘child’ Actions which must be completed.

It is up to the user following the process to decide to create these Actions and the process dictates which Actions can be created.

For example, when using Sabisu Flow to complete Plant Condition Observations a child Action can be raised for rectifying each unacceptable condition noted .

Or the Risk Mitigation process mentioned above may require any number of ‘Mitigation Evaluation’ child Actions to be completed.

To allow child Actions to be created you need to configure the parent Action; select “Yes” for “Allow additional Actions ” to be raised by end-users.

When the Action has been assigned the allocated user can then choose to create and assign an additional Action linked to the parent action.

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