We have introduced a new quick and easy way to replicate and deploy existing solutions.

Packaged Solutions allow any existing Workplace, including all it’s related Widgets, Workflows, KPIs, Communities and Data Objects, to be cloned into standard solutions to be reused elsewhere.

This means you can rapidly deploy solutions to new sites or teams. It’s virtually a single click to deploy, so it’s a very fast way of sharing emerging best practice, perhaps helping standardise disparate teams or sites.

Packaged Solutions can be accessed via the main side menu underneath Data Uploads.

This is where you to create a new solution using a wizard to take you through the process. This is also where you’ll find existing solutions that are accessible to be deployed and used by you.

When you deploy the solution you’ll get everything you need – even the connections to back end systems. All you have to do is point the Data Objects in your deployed solution to the new back end data sources you need.

You’ll see new Packaged Solutions appearing available for you to view and deploy in the coming weeks. Once deployed these can be customized to suit specific project needs.


We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.

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