Pan & Zoom with Widget Working View

This week we are excited to share with you a new feature aptly named Widget Working View, which provides an easy way to quickly interrogate data in detail, annotate it and efficiently share commentary with your colleagues.

Widget Working View is automatically available when you maximise a widget, with all the new functionality clearly shown in a side bar; annotations, data statistics and so on.

Opening the Working View

On viewing a page with a widget displayed upon it you need to maximise the widget by clicking on the Full Screen Widget Icon which appears when you hover over the widget.pic 1

When the widget has been expanded you will see an arrow icon, clicking this will open the Widget Working View.

pic 2

For General Widgets you will find the Notes tab which enables you to leave notes against that particular widget.


For widgets displaying charts you will able to see statistical analysis for the displayed data as well as the Notes tab.

Capture 11

Pan & Zoom

We’ve also made several improvements to Sabisu charts which includes being able to pan and zoom on a chart, adding a note to a specific time period, and a scatter view.

Zoom can be performed by selecting an area of the chart you wish to view in closer detail and then clicking the rectangular icon to zoom in


Once zoomed in you can use the arrows to pan around the page and the rectangle icons to zoom in and out



To add a note to a particular time period you can select the range as you would to zoom in and then click on the note icon to add a note into the Widget Working View


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