Pipeline Wizard: Power for every user, everywhere

The Pipeline Wizard is a new addition to the Sabisu Pipelines giving you a more efficient and accessible way to configure Sabisu. Having proven the power of Pipelines with early beta users we’ve implemented the Wizard to make them accessible to everyone.

The Wizard walks a user through every aspect of Pipeline creation. We’ve also given you access to data such as Actions, Notes and Events so you are now able to build reports directly from these.

When you create a Pipeline you’re now presented with a new screen which asks you what you want to create. This could be any of the following:

  • Chart
  • Table
  • Template
  • Advisory
  • Event
  • Note
  • Process

The Wizard will ask you where you want to get your data from. This could be from an MS Excel publication in Sabisu Go, a data source such as IP.21 or SAP, or a Sabisu source such as Actions. The Wizard will take you through selection of the data you need, such as getting data for certain dates or applying filters.

If you’re publishing data straight from Sabisu Go and click “Create a Pipeline” we’ll take you through to the Wizard, so you can get started right away.

As the Pipeline Wizard is in the early stages we’d really appreciate any feedback. If you notice any bugs or have suggestions on how we can improve the workflow please drop us an email at support@sabisu.co .

Dynamic Tags

Another very handy update is the ability to add a tag to an existing Pipeline Chart. This is useful if you want to add another tag or parameter to a chart to help you analyse behaviour, e.g., adding burn rate to a project cost chart, or adding a steam flow tag to a chart showing furnace pressure to see if there was a related pressure drop.

To add a tag to a chart, click the Config tab in Widget Working View:

To share the updated chart with others in the Community you’ll need to hit the Publish dynamic tag changes to the Pipeline button, which you’ll find underneath the list of tags you’ve added.

Contact Us

We’re always interested in hearing from you with any comments or suggestions, feel free to get in touch.


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