Pivot your data in the Pipeline Wizard

Pipelines underpin much of the Sabisu self-service visualisation capability. They integrate teams, data and processes into a highly automated digital flow of work and information.

Pipelines get your data into the platform fast and allows you to analyse, visualise and collaborate with others.

Now we’ve made them great at grouping data or summarising data too.

We’ve added crosstab / pivot table configuration as you might find in your favourite spreadsheet or BI tool.

It can be used with any data from any source, e.g.,

  • Count of records by category, e.g., actions per category, HSE incidents by type.
  • Count a column based on a grouped date field, e.g., actions completed per month, incomplete Primavera tasks for the current month.
  • Sum columns, e.g., cost overspend across different project functions, production numbers from different streams.

Pipeline Pivots should make publishing large sets of data much easier to analyse and format so it can visualised in the most appropriate way.

It should be easier to use than your favourite spreadsheet. We think you’ll prefer it.


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