Poiltry Plc: Our New Demonstration Environment

Some time ago we created a demonstration organisation, Poiltry Plc, full of data for you to use in evaluating Sabisu. Well, Poiltry has grown!

So we can show off the new capabilities of the platform, we’ve grown it to being a fully fledged global chemicals manufacturing business. (Easy to do when it’s fictional – not quite the same demands on capital.)

And you’re all welcome to join the new organisation. Simply go to Sabisu and join Poiltry, or if you’re a new user Register and follow the instructions.

The first thing you’ll notice when you join Poiltry Plc is that you’ll get the new company theme automatically. You really do feel like you’ve joined a new community.

(Of course, you may want to set your theme back. Here’s how.)

So when you login, you’ll get a new page; the top-level navigation page for Poiltry Plc:


You’ll notice is that all of the old Communities have been archived, along with their Community Pages. It’s good practice to clean out the demo environment now and again anyway, but we felt the old Communities weren’t structured so as to be relevant to, and representative of, one of our customers.

As you can see, we’ve split Poiltry Plc into Production and Programmes. This makes it clear what we can expect to find under each selection – even if the organisation wouldn’t necessarily be structured this way, at least users will be able to find their way to what they need.


Under Production we can choose either to see a global view of all Poiltry production, or zoom in on data for a particular plant:


The global view reveals a clickable map of all Poiltry assets:


Through this global view you can click each plant’s location on the map to get a quick summary of each facility’s production performance, and then zoom right in to get detailed production information by clicking on the highlighted picture of the plant.

Each plant could report data slightly differently. Here’s a typical summary screen:


The menu system allows you to drill down to more information about that plant. Simply click to open a sub-page with more detail.


Under the Programmes menu you’ll see the Programmes of work currently in progress at Poiltry:

Sabisu-Poiltry-Programme Management

Each programme has a number of projects at various stages in the overall lifecycle, and we’ve shown this alongside a summary of programme information:


Not all the projects have data behind them (it’s a demo after all) but we’ve put quite a lot of data behind the ‘HDPE’ project. Clicking on it will open a project summary page:


We’ve established an example template for each project, with 9 options for drilling down further to reveal more project data. For example, drilling down on Deliverables reveals more data:


Really there’s no end to the data that can be shown for a project – either through the Sabisu Publisher or through direct access to data.

And that’s it – the platform’s demo environment is open for you to explore.

Get started today.


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