Printing Widget Data and Improvements to Trend Charts r7720

Printing Widget data

Many Sabisu customers want to be able to print data from their dashboards. Today we’re taking the first steps towards this vision. You can now easily print the data from a Widget by clicking the “Print” option in the Widget menu. This will open up a new browser tab cleanly displaying the data from your Widget. From here simply use the print function in your browser.


Trend Charts

In the next few releases we’ll be focussing on making Widgets even easier to use with an emphasis on visualising your data in the best way possible. This week we’ve introduced a new tag list icon to Trend Chart Widgets. This makes editing and removing tags much easier and takes up less space giving more focus to your data.


Clicking the icon opens up your tag list where you can remove and edit tags.


To edit a tag simply click on the cog icon and a window will open where you can choose the line colour from the standard Sabisu colour set. There is also a slider that enables you to change the weight of the trend line.

Sabisu Trend Line Editor Dialogue


We’ve fixed an issue so posts you’re tagged in now show correctly in your Hub main feed.

As always we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Head over to the Sabisu Users Group on LinkedIn to join the discussion.

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