Private investigators go public if it’s easy enough

The Sabisu Platform is built to help your organisation be more effective and a key part of that is sharing; data, analytics, experience, knowledge.

It’s always been quite simple to share in Sabisu either by sharing a Community Page, or inviting colleagues into a Community.  But ‘quite simple’ wasn’t simple enough.

We believe lots of users are doing valuable analysis in private but it only has to be a little bit difficult to share it and it’s likely to say private. Which is a shame.

So we’ve made it really easy to share; you can now publish a Community Page with a single click:

One click publish

(Previously it would have taken you 3 clicks.)

Making it easy to find & share

Sharing is an essential every day action; email, a chat in the corridor, sharing in Sabisu.

For example, you may want to look at process data to investigate a recent flare and you already have a Community Page used by you and your colleagues showing only temperature data. However, in this case you believe the flare is pressure related.

You can use the Sabisu Pipeline to create a widget displaying the information you need. Complete your analysis, perhaps using our analytics tools.

(In the example below we use some curve alignment testing to look for relationship between two tags.)

Create pipeline and publish page


Sharing it is so easy; simply add it to the page and publish it. Others immediately see the data you are concerned about.

As we applied curve alignment this means that everyone in the Community sees the chart with curve alignment applied. This shows everyone the discrepancy we want them to look at.

If you would like more information on how to share a page or how to use the Sabisu Pipeline Directory then get in touch for a one to one training session.

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