Problem? Highlight & huddle with Sabisu Events

Sabisu now allows you to highlight a chart area and create an event, instantly notifying everyone in the Community that there’s something they need to know about.

As soon as you create the Event, it’ll be visible on the chart, the Widget Working View Notes, Community Notes and the Community Stream.

The Event could be anything; a sudden spike in the furnace pressure for example, or costs rising due to an unforeseen circumstance. If you find an Event needs more investigation you can assign an Action to the relevant person directly on the Notes stream.


Rather than just a new type of Note, Events represent a new class of metadata capture for Sabisu which allows our machine learning algorithms to recognise repeating Events and inform you one has occurred or is about to occur. It will also analyse data using to be able to advise you when an event is likely to happen again. Watch this space.

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