Publication Approvals now embedded into the platform (r6014)

This week we’ve embedded Publication Approvals into the platform. It’s a really easy to use solution for approving KPI data for different user groups.

The Publication Approvals is now situated here on the side bar:

Sabisu Publication Approvals side bar icon

It opens a side bar which lists all of your Communities for which Publications exist. Click on a Community and you’ll see each Publication and a thumbnail image of it, so it’s really easy to see exactly what you need to look at.

When you click on a Publication, it opens in a larger dialog so you can easily see the detail:

Along the footer of this window are some controls so you can check different versions of the Publication for consistency and you can see which Communities have which version approved.

To approve a Publication for a Community, simply click the ‘Approved’ button bottom-right and choose the Community you wish to approve it for.

Other Changes

The Button Component now provides the option in the builder to set whether clicking on the button triggers a widget refresh. Previously the widget would always refresh when a button is clicked.

The class of float left that is assigned by default to buttons has been removed making them easier to position with CSS.

Speedos now work in Internet Explorer 9 and 10, and a memory leak has been fixed in them.

Fixed a defect with Actions which meant Active Directory users were directed to the Sabisu Login screen rather than their on-premise when responding to an emailed reminder or Action update.

Fixed a defect where some on-premise users were not being assigned a profile picture when being automatically configured en-masse in Sabisu.

We’ve made some changes to the way the Tree-View Component works. When you add a node to the Tree-View it will refresh the widget so that the node you have just added gets assigned its identifier. This way if you add a child node to your new node it doesn’t disappear when you refresh the widget.

Clicking on the Timescroller go to current date and time button will now set the “Start” to the current date/time minus the minimum interval and the “End” scroller to the current date/time. Previously clicking this button would set the start date to the current time meaning the associated query would try you extract data from the future… which in most cases it can’t.

The Radio Button Component would throw a widget error when trying to build a radio button when the “Value Column” field in the builder was set incorrectly. This error has not been suppressed and providing an incorrect value column will result in no value for the radio button.

The charting component now allows you to change the value font colour and size for Pie and Doughnut charts…as our friends at Team Sky tell us, it’s the 1% changes that count…

That’s all for this week!

Thanks and, as always, comments welcome here, on Twitter or to .

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