Publication Approvals: Roles and Permissions

On Monday, August 5th, we launched the all-new Publication Approvals process. In this big update to Publication Approvals, we created an entirely new role called ‘Builder’. The ‘Builder’ is able to create Publications and Publish them to a Community. The ‘Admin’ is responsible for approving Publications ready for viewing by the ‘Community Members’.

We felt it was very important to clearly define these roles and their permissions, so we’ll discuss them in more detail in this article.

The Three Roles

All our customers  are very different. And you all want to do completely different things with your Publications. We know this because you tell us.  So with this new design we’ve created a tool flexible enough to compliment a variety of customer business processes but it’s still really easy to use.


Here are the account types we came up with:

  1. Admin: Highest level of access in a Community. Responsible for approving and assigning Publications to a Community. Admins do not have the ability to Publish from Excel unless they are also a Builder.
  2. Builder: Able to Publish new and updated Publications to a Community. Publications will require approval from an Admin (when version controlled) before being visible to Community members.
  3. Member: Will be able to see the latest approved version of a Publication on Community pages that they’re a member of. Will be able to share Publications with people in their Community but will require Admin approval to share with Non-Members.

For a detailed look at each role’s permissions, check out the table below.


We feel this set of roles and permissions offer maximum flexibility whilst keeping things as simple as possible. We’ll continue to iterate and improve Sabisu and as always we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Head over to the Sabisu Users Group on LinkedIn to join the discussion.

In the next post we’ll outline some typical scenarios that may occur when using the Publisher and Publication Approval Process.

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