Publication Approvals

Publications Approvals are an important part of managing anything you’ve published in Sabisu Publisher. While a lot of users simply publish and share, Publication Approvals allows you a greater level of control over who sees what and where.


Publications Approvals are still accessed via the icon on the left hand vertical bar (‘vBar’).

Publication Approvals icon

The index that then opens is now very similar to what you’re used to seeing when using the Widget Store; a list of applications, or categories containing Publications.

Clicking through takes you to the individual Publications for that category. As some users have many Publications, we’ve added a search functionality here too.

publication approvals page
We’ve broken up Publication Approvals into a number of areas summarised above, showing all the information you need to manage your Publications.

Let’s break down the different components of the new Approvals.


The top left panel gives you some general information relating to the Publication.

  • Name
  • The category the Publication belongs to.
  • The last person and time where something was done to the Publication.
  • The current status, depending on what stage of the process the Publication is in:
    • Processing
      Recently published from the Sabisu Publisher, the file is currently being processed by the server and will be ready for use shortly.
    • Versioning
      You’ve just approved a new version, however some Publications might take a small amount of time to version meaning they won’t be available straight away.
    • Versioned
      Ready and visible in the platform to those with the appropriate permissions.



On the left we have a list of all the available versions for the selected Publication. Clicking one of these versions updates the rest of the screen, letting you see who’s approved for the version selected, updating the preview of the Publication and showing which Community pages show the selected version.


The most important part of Publication Approvals. Here you can see a list of all the Communities currently using the Publication. This is split into two categories

  • Publication; every Community approved for any version of this Publication
  • Version; any Community for whom the currently selected version is approved

The date badge alongside the Community name indicates the latest version date this Community has access too. If highlighted in green, it means that the Community has access to the version currently selected.

Adding new Communities to view the versions, or revoking access to existing ones is simple. Click on the Approvals button to manage who can see what.


Adding a new Community is simple; just start typing in the box and Sabisu will suggest Communities.

If it’s a monthly Publication and you want a way to quickly add who previously had access, simply click the “Quick Add” button at the top to automatically add any Community who has previously had access to a Publication version.


Need to see where your Publication is being used?

On the top right, there is a list of Community pages your Publication appears on. You can see the name of the page and the Community it’s attached to so you can tell the difference between two similarly named Communities.


Our favourite part of the new Approvals interface is the ability to preview your Publications as they’re appearing on the platform in Widgets. Whether it’s data or an image you’re publishing from Excel, you can view how it’s going to look to your end-users.

Often we see data publications being used in multiple types of widgets, be it charts or in a schedule. Drop down fields and arrows allow you to navigate through the widgets which use or display the data, or through individual variants of each widget.

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