Quick and easy data manipulation: Pipeline meets Widget Working View

We’ve married two of our best analytics tools which means you can manipulate, analyse and configure your data faster than ever.

Once you have created a widget in the Pipeline Directory you can reconfigure the pipeline directly within Widget Working View.

This means you can make changes on the fly with instant results seen in the Widget. If you want to compare more data, this data can be easily added to the Pipeline and the Widget will update with immediate effect.

This gives end-users increased flexibility when fine tuning reports or interrogating data. End-users can now easily configure Sabisu. Examples of such configurations include;

  • New reports shared onto Community dashboards
  • 24/7 monitoring & alerting of key process/project metrics and KPIs
  • Automated responses, e.g., alerting users or initiating an investigative process
  • View, analyse and interrogate your data with optimal effect
  • Identify problematic trends in projects, and be instantly alerted when quality indicators fall outside limits or identifying repeated issues in production.



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